For Kids / For General-purpose Case

Cellphone general purpose case (Horizontal type)

Multi-type that can support various models

Uses high-quality genuine leather-like material. A high-end smartphone case that is easy to take out and compatible with various models.


Large enough to hold the iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Compatible with smartphones within W79 x H158 x D12 (mm)


● Opening and closing of magnet

The lid can be easily opened and closed with one hand by using a magnetic flap! !!

● With belt clip

With a belt clip that can be easily attached to the belt

* The belt clip does not rotate.

● Finger holes

With finger holes, you can easily take out your smartphone! !!


Main models that can be stored:

・ IPhone11 Pro Max

・ IPhoneXs / X (Can be stored with the back case attached.)

・ Smartphones within W79 x H158 x D12 (mm)

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Product Outline

Material: PU, microfiber, magnet

Weight: 88.5g

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model AC-FR5 BK
JAN Code 4526397982867
Supported Devices


  • iPhone11 Pro Max
  • iPhoneXS
  • iPhoneX



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