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Waterproof smartphone case [floating type]

Waterproof smartphone case-Easy to install, waterproof-

Waterproof protection class Waterproof smartphone case with the highest level IPX8. It’s a floating type that doesn’t sink in water, so you don’t have to worry about losing your smartphone.

It also supports calls, camera shots, and app operations while it is in the case! Great for leisure as well as relaxing bath time!


■ Floating type that is convenient without losing

Rest assured that it will float without sinking in the water when it lands!

■ Firmly waterproof your smartphone

With the highest level of waterproof protection class IPX8, it is very useful for bathing and swimming!

■ You can operate your smartphone while it is in the case !!

It also supports calls, camera shooting, and application operations while still in the waterproof case!


Product Outline

AC-WP6 BK : 4526397998769 ,

AC-WP6 WH : 4526397998783


Compatible device size:

Compatible with smartphones of approximately W85 x D12 x H170 mm or less


Product size: [Outer dimensions] Approx. W115 x D15 x H230 mm

Body weight: Approximately 49g (excluding neck strap)

Product Specifications

Model AC-WP6
JAN Code BK : 4526397998769 , WH : 4526397998783

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