Screen protector

iPhoneXS Max screen protective film (anti-reflection)

■ Shock absorption
Due to the shock absorbing material, even if a 64g iron product is dropped on the liquid crystal panel from a height of 1m, it will not crack (tested).
■ Anti-reflection
An anti-glare type that is easy on the eyes and prevents reflections on the screen and reflection of light. The surface is smooth, so it feels smooth to the touch.
■ Fingerprint reduction
Surface processing that makes fingerprints inconspicuous even when touched.
■ Zero bubbles
Due to the special silicone adhesive, air is naturally released and air bubbles do not enter.
■ Re-paste OK
Uses self-adhesive silicon that can be reattached even if it fails.

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Product Specifications

Model VF-P18L-MT
JAN Code 4526397971540
Supported Devices


  • iPhoneXS Max

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