Screen protector

iPhone11 blue light cut protective film

Blue light cut

Approximately 40% of harmful blue light that causes eyestrain is cut!


Shock absorption

Due to the shock absorbing material, even if a 64g iron product is dropped on the liquid crystal panel from a height of 1m, it will not crack (tested).

* Although we have tested with the above contents, we do not guarantee damage.


High gloss

Highly transparent film that does not contain impurities reproduces photos and videos in vivid colors.



Surface processing that makes fingerprints inconspicuous even when touched.


Zero bubbles

Due to the special silicone adhesive, air is naturally released and air bubbles do not enter.


Re-paste OK

Uses self-adhesive silicon that can be reattached even if it fails.


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Product Specifications

Model VF-P19M-BL
JAN Code 4526397982461
Supported Devices


  • iPhone11
  • iPhoneXR


iPhone11 iPhoneXR

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