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SuperFine Microfiber screen cleaning cloth

Ultrafine fiber SuperFine microfiber

Dust, fingerprints, sebum stains

Wipe it off and feel refreshed!


It does not scratch the surface and can be used with confidence even with precision equipment.


Ultra-fine fibers with a diameter of 0.0004 mm firmly adsorb micro dust and fine particles!


A cleaning cloth that is convenient to carry and removes dust, fingerprints, and sebum stains quickly.

Because it is made by densely packing ultra-fine fibers with a wedge-shaped cross section, it feels good on the skin and is smooth to use!

You can use it with confidence for precision equipment such as cameras, and for cleaning glasses and mirrors.



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Product Outline

BL / LB 2 piece set


【Cleaning method】

If it gets dirty, wash it by hand.

Please wash with water without using detergent or fabric softener.



Product size: 14 cm x 14 cm

Material: 80% polyester, 20% nylon


Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model AST-CC1 LB
JAN Code 4526397994044

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