Notebook type cellphone case

Android phone General-purpose case book-type

 Newly developed smartphone holder flap installed

It doesn’t matter where the camera lens is! The back button is not hidden either!

 Feature 1  The back lens and buttons of the smartphone are not hidden!

 Feature 2 Even though it sticks firmly, it is easy to peel off!

 Feature 3 Can be peeled off cleanly without leaving any glue marks!

With 5 pockets on the left side and 2 on the right side, a total of 7 pockets. It is compact yet has excellent storage capacity. 


 Corresponding size : width 67 x length 137 mm or more, Smartphones with a width of 80 x length of 164 x thickness of 12 mm or less


 [Antibacterial ingredient zinc pyrithione firmly antibacterial] 

A special coating of the antibacterial ingredient “zinc pyrithione” on the case body. It has an excellent antibacterial effect and suppresses the growth of bacteria.


Product Outline

 対応サイズ  横67×縦137mm以上、


Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model AC-LAM3- SHY
JAN Code PK: 4526397994723, SG: 4526397997540

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