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iPhoneSE(2nd gen) PHMB anti-bacterial carbone tone PU leather case [iP

CLEAN SHIELD Antibacterial ingredient PHMB antibacterial processed iPhone case


Antibacterial ingredient PHMB firmly antibacterial !!

The case body is specially coated with PHMB, an antibacterial ingredient that is highly safe and has extremely high antibacterial activity.

It has a long-lasting and stable effect and suppresses the growth of bacteria.


■ Carbon-like PU leather + PHMB antibacterial processing

High quality PU leather that is resistant to dirt and friction is specially coated with the antibacterial ingredient PHMB !! It firmly suppresses the growth of bacteria.

■ Small magnet belt adopted

Uses a small magnet belt that can be opened and closed quickly without disturbing the operation.

■ With 3 card pockets and 2 side pockets

Equipped with a total of 5 pockets for storing cards. It is very convenient to quickly store hotel card keys and parking tickets.

■ With strap hole

Since it has a strap hole, you can attach your favorite strap etc.


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Product Outline

Card pocket x 3
Side pocket x 2
Small magnet belt

With strap hole

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model ACK-P20-PB CB1
JAN Code 4526397990848
Supported Devices


  • iPhone SE(2020第2世代)
  • iPhone8
  • iPhone7

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