Power Bank

Solar & Power bank 10000mAh with LED


【2 devices can be charge at the same time】 10000mAh 

Great for outdoor activities and disasters countermeasure!





 iPhone SE (2nd gen.) full charge Approx. 3.5 times 


● Equipped with LED light

● Thin and lightweight (thinness: approx. 18 mm, weight: approx. 260 g)

● Adopts waterproof standard IPX4

● Equipped with loop hook


Convenient for charging with your family! !! Equipped with a USB-A 2 port that enables simultaneous charging of two devices. Equipped with emergency solar panels! You can store electricity in the portable powerbank just by exposing it to sunlight! Equipped with LED lights that are convenient for outdoor activities and power outages. Adopts waterproof standard IPX4, which is safe even in the rain! !!

* Solar charging (storage) is an auxiliary function. This product is not intended to fully charge (store) a portable powerbank using the solar panel of this product.


Product Outline

Package contents:

・ Power bank x 1

-Dedicated USB cable (USB-A to micro USB)

·instruction manual

・ Warranty


Product Specifications:

● Size: Approx. W88 x H170 x D18 mm

● Weight: Approx. 260g

● Built-in battery: Lithium polymer battery

● Battery capacity: 10,000mAh

● Materials: PC, ABS, silicon

● Solar panel output: Maximum 1W

● LED lighting output: 1W

● Output 1: (USB-A) Maximum 5V / 1A

● Output 2: (USB-A) Maximum 5V / 2.1A * When 2 devices are charged at the same time, 2 ports total maximum 5V / 2.1A

● Input: (micro USB) Maximum 5V / 2.2A

● Waterproof standard: IPX4


MB-SO10000BK JAN: 4526397990206
MB-SO10000BL JAN: 4526397996772


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Product Specifications

Model MB-SO10000
JAN Code BK: 4526397990206, BL: 4526397996772

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