Screen protector

iPhone7 Plus full spec glass panel

■ Strong hardness 9H
It protects the iPhone screen from scratches without being damaged by sharp cutters or keys!
■ Blue light cut
Approximately 34% of blue light that is harmful to the eyes is cut! Moreover, a clear and clear image is realized with a transmittance of about 93%.
■ Shock absorption
Even if a 30g iron product is dropped from a height of 70cm on the liquid crystal panel, it will not crack. (Tested)
■ Fingerprint prevention
A special DH treatment has been applied to achieve a slippery feel that cannot be experienced with film.
■ Silky touch
A high-performance film that does not easily get fingerprints or sebum stains.
■ Zero bubbles
Uses a special silicone adhesive that allows air to escape naturally and prevents air bubbles from entering.


Product Specifications

Model VGP-9H-FS7P
JAN Code 4526397953485

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