Screen protector

iPhoneXS/X protective glass panel Anti-reflection

■ Anti-reflection
An anti-glare type that is easy on the eyes and prevents reflections on the screen and reflection of light.
■ Smooth to the touch
Achieves slippery and comfortable operability with a smooth touch. Ideal for puzzle games and character input!
■ Strong hardness 9H
Uses tempered glass with a surface hardness of 9H, which is not easily scratched even by sharp objects.
■ Fingerprint prevention
Surface treatment that makes fingerprints and sebum inconspicuous and does not stick easily. Even if dirt remains, it can be easily wiped off.
■ Prevention of scattering
A safe design that prevents debris from scattering even if the glass panel breaks.
■ Re-paste OK
Uses self-adhesive silicon that can be reattached even if it fails.


Product Specifications

Model VG8-9H2M
JAN Code 4526397962647

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