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iPhone12 Pro Max Full-cover Glass panel Blue light cut [Permanent anti

Full protection “FULL COVER GLASS”

Always clean with “Permanent antibacterial” Ag + combination  -Clear image quality despite being antibacterial-


Blue light cut

■ Full cover silicon frame
Silicone frame protects fragile “edges” and prevents glass from cracking
Even if the screen is placed down, the glass does not touch the ground and scratches are safe! Always clean!

■ Blue light cut
Approximately 40% of harmful blue light that causes eyestrain is cut!

■ Easy to paste by natural adsorption!
Natural adsorption just by placing. Even if you make a mistake, you can re-paste it!

■ Fingerprint prevention
It is hard to get fingerprints and sebum,
Surface processing that can be easily wiped off even if it remains.

■ Impact resistance and surprising strength !!
Even if a 64g iron ball is dropped on a glass panel from a height of 60cm, it will not break (tested).
* Although we have tested with the above contents, we do not guarantee damage.

■ Strong hardness 9H
Hard to get hurt even if it hits a sharp object,
Uses tempered glass with a surface hardness of 9H.

■ Prevention of scattering
A safe design that prevents debris from scattering even if the glass panel breaks.

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Product Outline

Size 6.7inch: Approx. W75.32 x H158.06mm
Glass thickness: 0.33 mm
Total thickness (including silicon frame): Approximately 1 mm
Material: Surface-Glass, Adsorption surface-Silicon, Frame-Silicon
Surface hardness: 9H
Transmittance: 89%
Blue light cut rate: Approximately 40%
Accessories: Cleaning cloth, dust sticker, alcohol sheet

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model VG-PR20L- BL
JAN Code 4526397994372
Supported Devices


  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

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