Screen protector

Full screen protector 2.5D flat glass panel Standard clear for Xperia5

Full protection 2.5D flat glass that does not interfere with the case

* Easy-to-hold glass with rounded corners


“Beautiful transparency” -Reproduce photos and videos in vivid colors-

● High luster-Uses soda lime glass manufactured by AGC (Asahi Glass). Highly transparent, vividly reproduces photos and videos.

● Strong hardness 9H-Adopts surface hardness 9H tempered glass that is not easily scratched even when hit by sharp objects.

● Anti-fingerprint-Fingerprint and sebum are inconspicuous and the surface is hard to stick. Even if dirt remains, it can be easily wiped off.

● Anti-scattering-A safe design that prevents debris from scattering even if the glass panel breaks.

● Re-paste OK-Adopts self-adhesive silicon that can be re-pasted even if it fails.


This product is designed to be slightly smaller in consideration of mounting a protective case. (We do not guarantee that it can be used in all cases.)

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Product Outline


Size: W61.53mm x H150.99mm

Glass heat: 0.33mm (total panel thickness 0.58mm)

Material: Surface-Glass adsorption surface-Silicon

Surface hardness: 9H

Accessories: Dust removal sticker, LCD cleaner, instruction manual

Product Specifications

Model VGPR-XP5 1C
JAN Code 4526397986216
Supported Devices


  • docomo-SONY XPERIA 5 SO-01M
  • au-SONY XPERIA 5 SOV41
  • softbank-SONY XPERIA 5

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