3in1 Lightning&Type-C conversion adapter w/ microUSB cable 2m

■ It is a 3-in-1 USB cable of Lightning, Type-C and micro USB. It is very convenient because it can be used with almost all smartphones and tablets in addition to the iPhone.
■ USB Type-C connector is the latest USB standard that enables high-speed data transfer that can be inserted without worrying about the front and back.
■ With high power specifications of up to 5V, 3A, you can charge connected devices at high speed and stably.

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Product Outline

UKJ-LMC200 BK(UKJ-LMC200BK):4526397975586

UKJ-LMC200 BL(UKJ-LMC200BL):4526397975593

UKJ-LMC200 RD(UKJ-LMC200RD):4526397975609

UKJ-LMC200 SL(UKJ-LMC200SL):4526397975616

Product Specifications

Model UKJ-LMC200
JAN Code BK: 4526397975586, BL: 4526397975593, RD: 4526397975609, SL: 4526397975616

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