Type-C Strong type USB cable 1.5m

● A USB 2.0 cable that supports charging and synchronization, compatible with the USB Type-C connector and USB-A connector.
● Both Type-C and USB-connectors are reversible specifications that can be inserted on both the front and back sides of the connector.
● The cable uses a strong and supple reinforced mesh. High durability is achieved by forming a mold that is resistant to disconnection in the plug part.

* For quick charging, please use a high output charger of 3A or more.


Product Outline

■ Connector shape: USB2.0 A (male) / USB Type-C (male)
■ Charging output: 5.0V / 3A
■ Cable length: 1.5m

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model UKJ-C150STG BK
JAN Code 4526397943349

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