USB Type-C +micro USB 2way plug AC charger

■ It is a household outlet type AC charger that supports both MicroUSB and Type-C connectors. It is very convenient because it can support both USB Type-C devices and microUSB devices with this one.
■ Folding plug type cube type saves space.
■ Type-C is a reversible connector that can be used without worrying about the front and back.
■ We have strengthened safety by adopting heat insulating material for the main body and tracking prevention processing to prevent short circuits and sparks in the outlet plug part.
■ Supports overseas voltage from 100V to 240V. (A conversion plug suitable for the country of use is required separately)


Product Outline

Compatible model
■ Smartphones / tablets of various companies equipped with USB Type-C port
■ Smartphones / tablets of various companies equipped with a microUSB port

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model AKJ-MCT24 BK
JAN Code 4526397969530

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