Portable Solar Charger Max. Output 24W

Instant charging with sunlight -Smart charging with smart IC-


[Simultaneous charging of 3 smartphones is OK !!]

If you have 3 smartphones, the first one can be fully charged in about 3 hours at the shortest.


Equipped with smart IC (automatic output discrimination yesterday)

Maximum total output of 4.8A → Automatically recognizes the connected device and distributes the optimum current to each device


“Disaster countermeasure essential products”

■ With convenient pocket

■ Dustproof and waterproof specifications

* The USB port is not dustproof or waterproof.


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Product Outline

● Solar panel output up to 24W

● Total output 5V / 4.8A (maximum 1 port 5V / 2.4A)

● Size (when folded) Approx. H300 x W165 x D20 mm

(When deployed) Approx. H300 x W860 x D5 mm

● Weight: Approximately 813.5g

● Material (solar panel) PET + EVA + solar power cell + PCB

(Exterior fabric) PVC Oxford fabric-600D

● Conversion efficiency 21.5-23.5%


* Since the connected device becomes hot in direct sunlight, please avoid direct sunlight such as placing the connected device under this product.

* There is no power storage function. Also, it cannot be charged with fluorescent light.



AJ-SOLAR24W BK (AJ-SOLAR24WBK)JAN:4526397988203




Save time! Efficient charging method for portable solar chargers

This is a video explaining the charging method that can efficiently charge the AJ-SOLAR series of portable solar chargers.

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

JAN Code 4526397988203

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