Battery charger w/ cable

Rapid speed charging in an emergency! Compatible with iPhone / smartphone

-Charging speed is about twice as fast as before! Battery charger with cable-

Equipped with a convenient LED light in the event of a power outage


A dry battery charger that can be charged with a high output of 1.5A (ampere) with 6 AA batteries. Achieves twice the speed of charging compared to our 1A type. (Approximately 70% charge after 1 hour and 30 minutes charging. * When using iPhone 8 * Compared to our products)


Equipped with a retractable multi-connector cable (microUSB + Type-C) to support various smartphone charging. With a USB port, you can charge your iPhone, etc. (Lightning cable sold separately) Equipped with an LED light that is convenient in an emergency such as a power outage.


● With 6 alkaline AA batteries

● With multi-type cable (Type-C / microUSB)

● With USB port

● High output 1.5A

● With LED light

● Powerful speed charging

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Product Outline

・ Output voltage: 5.0V / 1.5A

・ External dimensions: W63.5 x D19 x H120 mm

・ Body weight: Approximately 67g (excluding batteries)

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

JAN Code 4526397988159
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