USB Type-C to Lightning 100cm super strong (w/ spring) cable

Strong against disconnection with disconnection prevention spring and reinforced mesh

Type-C to Lightning cable that supports USB PD (Power Delivery) and enables ultra-fast charging of iPhone and iPad Pro

[Apple Mfi certified]


What is Power Delivery?

● A next-generation charging standard that enables ultra-rapid charging of compatible iPhone and Android devices.

● Using the USB Type-C port, it can charge and supply power up to 100W, and by using it in combination with a PD-compatible charger and cable, it is possible to charge PD-compatible models ultra-rapidly.

* The charging output depends on the charger used.

● In recent smartphones, the charging time tends to increase as the capacity of the built-in battery increases, but with USB PD, it will be possible to charge a large capacity battery in a shorter time.

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Product Specifications

Model MCJ-S100STG BL
JAN Code 4526397976194
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