Portable solar charger Max Output 7W

Immediate charging with sunlight [Smartphone can be fully charged in about 3 hours]


“Disaster countermeasure products” Great success in outdoor activities and disasters

As long as there is sunlight, you can charge it anytime, anywhere !!

Powerful charging with infinite solar power


Ideal for camping and outdoor activities

● Compact size for easy portability

● Perfect for emergency carry-out bags

● Dustproof and waterproof “IP65” compliant

* There is no power storage function. Also, it cannot be charged with fluorescent light.

* A USB cable for charging is not included with this product.


Compatible with smartphones / feature phones / mobile batteries



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Product Outline

Maximum output: 7W

USB port: 1

* When using iPhone 8
* It may not be possible to fully charge the battery depending on the sunshine conditions and environment.
* Since the temperature will be high in direct sunlight, please avoid direct sunlight such as placing your smartphone under this product.

AJ-SOLAR7W BK(AJ-SOLAR7WBK):4526397982539
AJ-SOLAR7W CF(AJ-SOLAR7WCF):4526397982546
AJ-SOLAR7W OR(AJ-SOLAR7WOR):4526397982553


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Save time! Efficient charging method for portable solar chargers

This is a video explaining the charging method that can efficiently charge the AJ-SOLAR series of portable solar chargers.

Product Specifications

JAN Code BK: 4526397982539, CF: 4526397982546, OR: 4526397982553
Supported Devices

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