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iPhone12mini Carbon tone luxury back cover case [Anti-bacterial]

“Sporty antibacterial & shock resistant case”

A back cover case with a sporty design.
The double structure of PU leather + high quality TPU protects all directions from impact.
The slim and flat design gives it an excellent hold.
Furthermore, reliable button operation is realized even from the top of the case.


[Antibacterial ingredient zinc pyrithione firmly antibacterial]
A special coating of the antibacterial ingredient “zinc pyrithione” on the case body.
It has an excellent antibacterial effect and suppresses the growth of bacteria.


[With one disposable alcohol sheet that is ideal for disinfecting iPhone]
You can use it more cleanly by wiping the smartphone body and LCD screen with an alcohol sheet before attaching the case.

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Product Outline

Body case material: PU + TPU + PC


* Wireless charging (Qi) with this product installed may not work properly, but this is not a product defect of this product. In that case, please remove it from the case or charge it with a lightning cable.

* Antibacterial coat is only for exterior PU leather.

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model AC-P20S-GP CB
JAN Code 4526397990978
Supported Devices


  • iPhone 12 mini

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