Cellphone case

iPhone11 shock proof colored glossy back cover case w/ holding ring [i

Double structure of clear PC + colorful TPU frame that is resistant to scratches!

It is a case that firmly protects from impacts such as dropping. Since the back is clear, you can enjoy the color of the iPhone itself.

You can operate the buttons securely even from the top of the case, and it is also equipped with a convenient strap hole.

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Product Outline

Body case material: PC + TPU
Wireless charging: compatible

* Wireless charging (Qi) with this product installed may not work properly, but this is not a product defect of this product. In that case, please remove it from the case or charge it with a lightning cable.

Color (Design) Variations

Product Specifications

Model AC-P19M-KZ PR
JAN Code 4526397980665
Supported Devices


  • iPhone11

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