nismo GT-R iPhone11 Pro Genuine leather book-type case

It is a notebook type case made of high quality genuine leather that tastes better as you use it.
The GT-R logo aluminum plate is laid out in the upper center, and the NISSAN nismo logo is laid out in the middle.
Inside the case, there are 2 card pockets and a multi-pocket that can store receipts.
Uses a compact magnet that does not interfere with operation.
The iPhone charging cable port uses a soft TPU material, and other than that, a polycarbonate material protects the iPhone from impacts.

* Wireless charging (Qi) with this product installed may not work properly, but this is not a product defect of this product. In that case, please remove it from the case or charge it with a lightning cable.

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Product Outline

Main materials:
Genuine leather + PU + TPU

Notebook type:
2 inside pockets + 1 multi-pocket / with magnet

Product Specifications

Model NM-P19S-B1
JAN Code 4526397987220
Supported Devices


  • iPhone11 Pro

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