GT-MOBILE Air Ventilator Mask w/ Adjuster

Dissipate Heat! Air Ventilator Mask


“Cold feeling ice silk” adopted

■ Large size

■ With size adjustment adjuster

■ With air ventilator “ventilation port” -block when inhaling, open when exhaling


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Product Outline

GTA-MASK BK: 4526397998905
GTA-MASK GY: 4526397998912
GTA-MASK NV: 4526397998929
GTA-MASK BL: 4526397101640
GTA-MASK PR: 4526397101657



Product name: Mask (mask with ventilation port) * This is not a medical mask.

Target: Cold, pollen, dust, etc.

Material: Body (Polyester: 95% Spandex: 5%)

Ear hook (polyester: 75%, spandex: 25%)

Ventilation port (acrylic / silicon) adjuster (PVC)

Quantity / size: 1 piece

Mask part: Approx. W125 mm x H135 mm x D13 mm (when folded)

Ear hook length: Approximately 100 mm


Packaging material: polypropylene, polyethylene



Product Specifications

JAN Code BK: 4526397998905, GY: 4526397998912, NV: 4526397998929, BL: 4526397101640, PR: 4526397101657

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